Reduce Cellulite

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Reduce Cellulite

More often than not, our bodies start storing fat in different parts. Since everyone has a different body structure, the tendency to keep fats that are not burnt is distinct. People are becoming cautious about fat being stored around their thighs in the form of cellulite. Cellulite is prevalent after a certain age in both men and women, but it can be reduced.

Why does cellulite occur in bodies?

It is necessary to understand the causes of cellulitis before jumping upon its solutions. Following are a few of the most common reasons leading to cellulite formation in the body:

  • Improper nutrition
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Hormonal and genetic factors
  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco 

Nonetheless, there are many treatments for reducing cellulite, but none of them is as good as EMS training. It has worked wonders on bodies with heavy cellulite because it helps electric impulses to reach deep in the muscles.

Say Goodbye to cellulite with EMS sessions at Full Circle fitness studios

Our EMS training works wonders for your body cellulite by impulses and contractions.

  • The electrical impulses from the electrodes help to stimulate the muscle fiber of the area where cellulite is present.
  • It increases blood flow and produces collagen to remove the lumpy appearance of skin.
  • EMS training is a more effective tool to reduce cellulite than in conventional ways.

EMS sessions at Full Circle fitness studios can help you seek the best advice from our trainers.

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