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Full Circle provides EMS body training that involves sending impulses in the body to produce contractions. The function of the training is not rocket science. It can understand the following steps:

  • The muscle movements in the body are triggered only from nerve endings. Electrodes are used to send impulses into the body to start the nerves and produce movements
  • In a physical workout, the intensity of the movement depends upon the person’s capacity. However, in electrical muscle stimulation training, the power can be increased and decreased by regulating impulses.
  • The electrical impulses sent in a particular muscle group or body organ are designed to mimic the impulses of the body, which induces movement in the body.
  • The personal trainers facilitate the entire process at the Full Circle fitness studio — qualified professionals with experience in EMS muscle training.

Some people suffer from various internal injuries which consume a lot of time to cure. During this time, you can avail of our services of EMS training at home; the muscle strengthening system can help in blood circulation and improved mobility.

Hence, organs and muscle groups that are injured can move without actual physical movement. The impulses not only assist in building muscle power, strengthening energy, and improving stamina, but it also acts as a muscle stimulant for backaches and injuries.

Scientific researches have proved that EMS gym training is a useful new technique that can facilitate the routines of working professionals. Since they rarely find time from their busy schedules to visit the gym and workout for hours, EMS training can be delivered at their home.

The best characteristic of our EMS training is that it consumes significantly less time but delivers the same results as aggressive exercises and lifting weights. It is a great fitness tool for people who want to maintain their health while spending less time.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS is the process of stretching muscles and building stamina in the body using electric impulses. The impulses produce contractions in the body, which enhance November in the selected muscle group.

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Why EMS?

Our advances in technology have allowed people to explore multiple ways easing the everyday struggles of life. Finding time, energy, and willpower workout is challenging. But by visiting our EMS personal training studio, you can make sure that your health does not suffer due to your work. Subsequently, you can stay fit even when you have no time to workout.

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How EMS Works?

In earlier days, people used conventional methods of staying fit and healthy, and they worked for their health. However, in the present scenario, those methods will not work. That is why the need to devise new techniques for exercising and working out was felt.

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1 to 1 Training

When people workout physically through lifting weights and exercises, impulses are sent by the brain to the body to make movements. EMS training replicates the same mechanism of the body through electrodes.

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EMS offers

EMS training is the training of the 21st century. People in earlier times used traditional methods and healthy diets to stay fit. However, the work routine and fitness regimes have changed a lot during all these years.

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This is an age where people have started focusing on their body, health, and mind. Physical fitness and training are not just about looking good but also about feeling good. The exercise and physical movements increase the blood circulation in the body and transform it physically and mentally.

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Before After

Life is about becoming the best version of ourselves. Various physical training and exercises guaranteed results for those who want to lose weight or stay fit. Staying healthy does not mean starving yourself to death.

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