Dubai EMS

What All Equipment Should Be Used For Effective EMS Training

Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS is a high-intensity workout that works for your entire body. Conventional forms of working out include yoga and weight lifting at the gym, along with a few more options. However, EMS training can be considered a breakthrough in the...

Your Complete Guide For Finding The Best EMS Training In Dubai

People have become business with their regular work. They do not have sufficient time for themselves. Continuous working has made them tired and has also given them a lot of health issues. If you do not want your work to become stagnant and make your family worried,...

Our integrated approach to fitness and what full circle ems fitness studio vision of exercise is

We’re established for over years, and we love to see our members thrive. That’s what makes us happy, and our work super rewarding. It’s the end of the year and a great time to reflect and share our vision of working out with you as it differs to a lot of other gyms,...

Is recovery from injuries is possible with full-body EMS training

In Full circle ems fitness studio, we’d assess and understand your injury and what limits you have in terms of movement. We would then design an exercise plan around that specific injury/condition i.e. torn or reconstructed ACL or even knee replacement.